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A Word About the H&M Wedding Dress…

Via Huffington Post

Via Huffington Post

Okay, I know I know… who would get married in sweats, whatever. The real point of this post is to give a shout out to H&M for creating a $99(!!) wedding dress. Before any of you dream-wedding-that-you-planned-on-Pinterest snobs point out that your wedding will absolutely fall apart if your dress is not custom made by Vera Wang herself, I need you to try reeeealllyy hard not to think about yourself for a second. Also, relax. Chances are, you’re not that big of a deal.

Anyway, we currently live in a wedding-obsessed society driven by consumerism and so on and so forth. TLC, Bravo and just about every other lifestyle TV station capitalizes on this with dream wedding shows, bridal gown shopping extravaganzas, and the personal bane of my mother’s existence, TLC’s “Four Weddings.” Who actually invites strangers to their most important day just to have them judge it on food, venue, dress, etc? Really, really insecure narcissists. 

In the real world, every girl (and guy) spends a variable amount of time thinking up their dream wedding, family and friends present. Truth is nobody really gives a shit about what color the roses were in your centerpiece, or how expensive that custom lighting was. Guests won’t remember how many ounces their steak was, or how many years of experience the bartender had. And, sorry, but nobody really cares how much you really spent on your wedding dress. Cry about it. Maybe, just maybe your guests will remember shedding a tear or two watching two people who could tolerate each other enough to get married.

How about you open your eyes and acknowledge that we live in a slowly recovering post-recession America and the average bride can’t afford a $10,000 dress. Perhaps she doesn’t want to lean on her family for thousands of dollars they don’t have. Perhaps the couple has other things to spend their hard earned money on. H&M made the right move offering this simple, sweet wedding dress for a fair price. And for all those naysayers criticizing the style of the gown– if you saw this exact dress on the runway at Monique Lhuillier, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference so do yourself a favor and swerve. I’m definitely hoping to see more styles produced at a bargain by H&M and I’m banking on other fast fashion retailers following their lead. When the dress takes a huge chunk of the financial burden off the budget, perhaps the happy couple can afford to get those adorable place markers you saw on Pinterest after all.


Click the picture to read the full Huffington Post article, darlin’.


xo, B.


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