Daily Sweatpants Alternative
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Daily Sweatpants Alternative

Sunday Funday edition! a5c77e198ed2f39c39548d28f301cbcf

Today’s sweatpants alternative is a little different. It’s an entire outfit. Everyone likes to be a little more comfortable on the weekend, I get it. But that’s no excuse to look like a slob in public. Why would you schlep out of your house looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon when you can look like this and feel just as comfy? NO EXCUSES! I found this on the Lulu’s street style Pinterest board, so I’m not entirely sure where it originated, but the outfit is perfect for the upcoming (eventually) spring weather.

The whole outfit screams “I’M RELAXED AND I WOKE UP LOOKING THIS DAMN CHIC” even if you totally didn’t. The soft waves evoke that same effortless chic vibe and the oversized sunnies round out the look.The nude strappy heels are low-profile and work to elongate her legs. Bonus points for that gorgeous Celine bag. Minimal accessories, minimal fuss.

You should really check the Lulu’s Streetstyle pinboard out. It’s one of the best forms of inspiration I’ve seen.


xo, B.


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