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A Word on this “Trends Guys Hate” Trash and Why You Shouldn’t Care

1044344_10200158319660871_1426454133_nAs with most things in life, fashion risks can either pay off big, or go up in Chartreuse “–I thought it was the color of the season–” tinted flames.But there is always a good deal of fun in risky business, and sometimes you actually wind up with something awesome at the end. It really isn’t a secret that women dress for other women (and men, and whatever…) and when we walk out of the apartment in our peplum detail and red lip, we know it is the ultimate seal of approval when your ultra-stylish boss compliments you on your bold look. As a consultant, I couldn’t encourage my clients enough to try something outside of their comfort zone, like a cool jumpsuit instead of a maxi dress or –gasp–color instead of a timid customer’s basic black. Great style moments come from great experiments, and absolutely everyone deserves to feel like they look like a million bucks.

So why on earth does ANYONE care what some random dude (WHO PROBABLY TOTALLY WEARS SWEATPANTS IN PUBLIC) thinks about your stylish clothes?

I have a major problem with this recent “trends guys hate” nonsense. See the Huffington Post video link below:

Trends Guys Hate

According to the men surveyed, they don’t understand peplum, red lips, heavy eye makeup, open-side shirts, pointy-toed heels, fake nails, high-waisted pants/shorts (okay, I’d have to agree on this one), fold-over ankle boots (oddly specific…), ultra high heels, whatever, whatever, nobody cares, etc.

oh, oh…one of my favorites is “definitely strapless bikinis, they make your shoulders look like a linebacker’s.” True story–this has actually been said to me, verbatim. Reason number 8 billion why you should never, EVER shop (or work, in my case) at an Abercrombie and Fitch…as if you actually needed another reason…

17-year old me and the linebacker shoulders

Tiniest linebacker in the game. Strapless bikini? Forgive me Dr. Mark, for I have sinned.

This guy is so disgustingly and unabashedly shaming females for the most ridiculous and self-serving reasons, that alone should be enough to discount his opinion. But really, the one and only reason why you shouldn’t care about the trends that you love and “men” hate can be so eloquently explained by Mr (Dr?) Mark:

“We don’t like you in clothes.”

So…why on earth would you take fashion advice from someone who doesn’t want to see you in them anyways? Seems totally counter-intuitive. Also, why would you take advice of any kind from this D-bag?

Keep wearing that peplum, keep reapplying that perfect shade on red on your lips, and keep wearing that gorgeous high-waisted pencil skirt. Be selfish. Dress for you. Dress for the people whose opinion you actually give a shit about, and dress for the inevitable success you feel when you win your own personal fashion victory.

Of course, this is totally besides the fact that I have had the pleasure of meeting SO many men who DO appreciate good fashion and respect a little god-forsaken creativity. Kudos to them, always. And I think this nonsense is insulting to their intelligence as well.

That being said, here are a few brilliant excerpts of exboyfriend and man friend musings on my own clothes:

  • “Is that a dress or a garbage bag?”
  • “Your toe looks like a claw in those shoes.” (probably true)
  • “Is that the neck hole or the arm hole? Those are pants? Oh.”
  • “Aren’t you supposed to see your bra straps?” (NEVER.)
  • “You’re making me look bad at dinner.” (He says, with paint splattered on his clothes.)
  • “Huh?” (Never looks up from hunting game on his phone.)

So next time I’m at a bar with my equally tall roommate (wearing our ultra high heels no less), please know I will be dressing for myself. So selfish, right? Please remove yourself from my way; I don’t want to ruin these shoes. There’s a Whiskey Sour waiting for me at the bar.

…and my “linebacker shoulders” and I can pay for it myself, thanks.

xo, B.

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