Invested in Winter: Variations on a Theme

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s vest lovefest, I found another one that I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about. This little guy is much closer to what some would think of… Continue reading

The Stitch: On Tap This Week.

On tap this week: #Shopsmall: Local finds for last minute Christmas shopping, or, you know, whatever. A moment or two with emerging fashion startups right here in Boston. #WhatIWore for under $100! Fashion… Continue reading

Maximum Vest/Maximum Holiday Spirit

…That was apparently what I was going for here? Regardless, I went to H&M in search of a festive holiday cardigan or vest or something and came out with a furry monstrosity that… Continue reading

Surviving the Week with a little (Fermented) help

Alright alright alriiiiight. It’s Tuesday, my second least favorite day of the week. So, I threw a few things together to make the rough weekday nights a little easier. My friends say I’m… Continue reading

This is Sewww Important!!

Ah, see what I did there? Anyway, a couple days ago I wrote about a Mary Katrantzou skirt that I was obsessed with. One problem- it was about $1,500.00. Not exactly attainable for… Continue reading

Around the Color Wheel: A Love Letter

  Black- adj, /’blak/ :having the very dark color of coal or the night sky :characterized by the absence of light :served without milk or cream (okaaaaaaaay..) (According to Marriam Webster, duh!) Black… Continue reading

Tulle Belt: Not for the Faint of Heart

Kind of a shitty Monday outside, and it’s super cold so it might be a little hard to think about skirts right now. BUT: I keep seeing examples of a tulle skirt done… Continue reading

Buy This Now

Or perhaps not, because it costs more than a months rent for both my roommate and me. So just stare at it and be inspired to go buy (or make?) something like it.… Continue reading

The Art of Simplicity, Pt. Two

Okay, so this one is much more formal. Sparse accessories, high drama. Notice what is here: a floor length black dress, but more importantly notice what is not : pretty much anything else.… Continue reading

Keep it Simple, Stupid: The Art of Simplicity, Pt. One.

  Real quick- this is how not to overdo it. Read: How not to fuck it all up. The first example- please note the dress. It’s soft, loose, and┬ásimple. She didn’t overdo it… Continue reading