From the Source

Hi! It’s so easy sometimes to get so wrapped up in the beauty of the newest and prettiest garments that we forget about their sources. Who made them? Whose fingers put the stitches in… Continue reading

#WhatIWore Friday Night

Friday night out, under $100, lets go. So here we are, last night. We went to Gem Italian Kitchen & Nightclub. Kind of a weird combination? Regardless, we sat and ate truffle fries… Continue reading

From the Darkest Corner of the Internet

Whelp. When you invite the internet into your closet, and therefore your home, sometimes you get people like “R” here who emerge from the deepest, darkest corners of the interweb machine and spew… Continue reading

Oscar &the Importance of “Dressing Up”

Happy Friday!! On Monday, the legendary Oscar de la Renta passed away at the age of 82, after a four decade career of dressing first ladies, leading ladies, and ladies who lunch. He… Continue reading

A word about Roland Mouret

  Helloo So I was perusing my own instagram profile, as one does, and I came across some photos of this dress. Roland was one of my absolute favorites while working as a consultant.… Continue reading

#WhatIWore Workwear

Workwear under $100.   So, here’s what I wore to work today. Apparently some post-grads believe that dressing like an adult is impossible because it’s too expensive. That’s pretty false. “Fake it Til… Continue reading

The Stitch

Hi! It’s been quite a while, but  I’ve finally made it back. Without further ado: Last week in review: Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a grand opening party for Furla,… Continue reading

Acceptable Sweatpant Attire

Okay okay I know, I know. “I will not let you wear sweatpants in public” but I make the rules around here so sit down. If you wanna wear sweatpants in public, they… Continue reading

Chambray, please.

Hello again, my little nuggets. Chambray is perfect for summer. I mean perfect. Without further ado, and by “ado” I mean bullshit I don’t have time for, please see the first example. So technically… Continue reading

Summer Sweatpants Alternative

Hi, love. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean sweatpants criminals aren’t reoffending. They schlep, in and out, with that same pair of frayed, beer-soaked sweats with a messy bun and giant aviators. Can… Continue reading