Not so Mellow, Yellow

  Hi! It’s once again colder than Kourtney Kardashian’s heart out there. Please take a moment to enjoy this bright and cheery yellow gown. So simple. Bonus points for that undoubtedly warm Mediterranean… Continue reading

By the Way: Fierce Society

Hi! By the way, I wrote a featured piece for Fierce Society on five easy steps to ease the transition from Coed to Corporate. Check it out, and while you’re there, give them… Continue reading

Can We Just take a Moment to Appreciate Elie Saab?

    Remember summer? Think hard. You know, warm temperatures, hot sun, thunderstorms. It seems like a distant memory, but for the sake of sanity I’d like to think of it as a… Continue reading

Dress like an adult, FFS: Dresses

Mornin’ darlings. It’s Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week. I don’t know what it is about Tuesday’s. I used to be at peace with them when I had zero responsibilities in… Continue reading

Dress Like an Adult, FFS: Suits

Hello Darlin’. Listen, dressing like an adult is easy when you break it down. Here’s two examples of ridiculously chic suits that are 100% guaranteed not to make you feel frumpy. I’m obsessed… Continue reading

Step Into The World of Fierce Society

For the Fierce and Fearless When you stumble upon something amazing, it would be selfish not to share. is an amazing multi-platform digital network geared towards bloggers, fashion lovers, makeup artists, and… Continue reading

Denim on Denim for the New Year

So I’ve made a resolution for 2015. I’m going to try to (a) post more often and (b) post more pictures of my actual outfits instead of inspiration pieces. And since it’s cold… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Hello beautifuls, I hope you’ve been relaxing and recovering from whatever level of drunkenness you attained last night. 2014 was not without its challenges, but I’m grateful for all of it. Here’s to… Continue reading

Reuse, Recycle: Leather Weather, Pt. One.

  Helloooooo darlings. It’s New Year’s Eve so let me be brief. Aside from the anti-sweats sentiment, the other comment I hear a lot is that you’re expected to fork over a shit… Continue reading

#WhatIWore Christmas Eve

  Hi hello hey, New Year’s is rapidly approaching and while I’ms till trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to wear, it’s only right that we take a look back… Continue reading